Will a spelling bee be the answer to all of Bird’s problems?

All her life, all Bird has ever wanted is to be noticed in her small town and to get to Disney World. As it turns out, Bird just might have a chance to realize at least one of her goals because of a state spelling bee, and she might get to make a friend along the way—a boy named Harlem Tate who has just moved to Freedom. Harlem seems like a kindred spirit—someone like Bird, whom people don’t usually take the time to find the good in. (Unless it’s someone like Miss Delphine, who always makes Bird feel special.) But as much as Bird tries to get his attention, Harlem is not easily won over. Then Harlem agrees to be her partner in the spelling bee, and if they study hard enough, the two might just win everything Bird’s always wanted.

In Barbara O’Connor’s funny new novel, a spunky young girl discovers that sometimes all it takes to feel famous is a little recognition from true friends.

Teaching Aids
In addition to the Teachers' Guide and Booktalk for this book, be sure to check out this terrific PowerPoint presentation about Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia. The PowerPoint was prepared by students of Dr. Dorothy Bowen in her Advanced Children's Literature Course at Eastern Kentucky University. Many thanks to: Melissa Angel, Lindsey Evans, Donna Hall, Mary Noble, and Christy Ward for their hard work on this.

Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia
FS&G, 2003
Frances Foster Books
Jacket art: Greg Swearingen
ISBN 978-0-37432-258-8
PB 978-0-37440-018-7
Ages 8-12
Teachers' Guide
Parents' Choice Gold Award
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